Web Site Design
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Welcome to the NEW Normal

Web Site Design

Is your business ready? If not, we can help!

We use WordPress for all website design projects

Today’s website needs to be much more than just an online brochure. What used to be a luxury is now a necessity, with the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 things have changed drastically. Specifically today’s website needs to have a way for clients to interact with your business remotely and with as little direct contact as possible.

  • If your business has products to sell, it needs a way for clients to order online and either arrange a time to pick up in person or have them delivered to their door
  • If your business provides services, it needs a way for clients to interact with you online via video or voice

Take a look at the businesses that thrived during the shutdowns from CV19; Amazon (online ordering and delivery), Online Delivery services like DoorDash, Grocery Stores with online order/delivery in place. The statistics bear out the facts that current day conditions demand remote access via the web.

I can help you achieve online success by designing, implementing and maintaining an online presence that gives customers complete ordering capabilities. And increase that interaction with professional photos and video, Google Shopping Ads, complete Google listings with products and services and consistent updates with new products through the website and monthly email newsletters/flyers.

My goal in putting a site together for a client is to provide a complete marketing strategy centered around your customers needs and demographics. By doing this, I give you the best success potential because I don’t just build websites—I build your business.

View examples of our recent website designs below

Example Site with Remote Ordering

Click on image to be taken to ordering page in a new window

Example Site with Remote Ordering

Click on image to be taken to ordering page in a new window

Emory Bikes
e-Commerce Site with Online Ordering & Shopping Cart

Click on image to be taken to the actual website in a new window (this is a live website with live ordering…if you place an order it will go through)

FAIRtax Online Store
e-Commerce Site with Online Ordering & Shopping Cart

Click on image to be taken to the actual website in a new window (this is a live website with live ordering…..if you place an order it will go through)

Web Site Design Portfolio (Scroll through and click to view site)

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Website Design Services from GM Simmons Company

You refer to "owning your website", what exactly do you mean by that?

Sure. A lot of times you’ll see ads and online sites that will push “free” websites. All you have to do is pay a small monthly fee and the company will design and host your website.

Not a bad concept. In reality, it is. Because NOTHING is really “free”.

While it’s true you get a site with no upfront costs, you actually never really own the site. As long as you pay the service fees, your site will remain online. When you stop paying their fees, you lose the site.

With our sites, you completely own everything. Hosting, domains are all in your own account. You never have to worry about losing the site because you don’t pay a monthly maintenance fee.

Ask you current website provider to clarify your ownership rights of the site. You may be surprised at what they tell you.

If I don't have a separate hosting account, can you just host my site for me?

Yes we can. Some of our clients don’t want to hassle with hosting and domain renewals and would rather have us handle everything for them. One advantage is we can keep up with all renewals and you don’t have to worry about missing a hosting or domain payment.

Our hosting and domain service is just $140 per year (for a single domain and hosting), and $20 additional for any additional domain.

Should you ever leave us (we hope you never do) we will transfer all ownership with no questions asked to any account you wish.

Can you make changes to the site or update it in the future?

Absolutely, since I use WordPress for most of the websites I create for clients, changes can be made fairly quickly. Some changes you can do fairly easily, which will save you money. However some may require more advanced techniques…and for those we suggest letting us do them for you for a nominal charge.

Will my site be backed up in case of any problems?

We offer for a small additional charge site backup services, which backs up your sites files and database on our secure cloud server weekly. With this service we also perform a weekly check to make sure there is no malicious malware or hacks on your site.

If there is ever a problem with your site, it can be restored with one click ease to the state it was at the last backup.

Do you offer payment options?

Yes, we accept all major Credit Cards, Checks as well as offer 3 pay same as cash options for website design services. Contact us for details

Want more information about any of our programs? Contact Us at (904) 236-4313 or by clicking the button to the right