Google Ad Management & Local Advanced Strategy
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Supercharge your Online Results

Google Ad Management & Local Advanced Strategy

Marketing Expertise combined with Google's Advanced Machine learning

I currently hold the following certifications from google


I currently hold the following Certifications from Google

This program came about from running concurring Google Ad’s management with Google My Business/Maps optimizations for several different clients in different verticals. What I discovered was that I could increase the conversions for these businesses by combining the efforts and using data from both to enhance each others results.

Google Local Advanced Strategy combines three powerful forces into one cohesive program to give you maximum local reach in Google based on your business:

  • Google My Business & Google Maps optimization and management
  • Localized Google Ads Campaign
  • Google Analytics with conversion tracking

Our program instigates a cohesive program across all platforms that utilizes all available assets to reach your marketing objectives. Examples of objectives available are: phone calls to business, website purchases, in store visits, sign ups to a newsletter or event, etc. Based on your objective, we build out a customized strategy that gives you the best path to conversions.

We do this all at a price point designed to give you a positive Return on Your Investment, both with our management and with your Ad Spend with Google.

Each program is custom built depending on several factors, and pricing is set up to be a monthly subscription with a set up charge. Typically the setup charge includes several months of optimization while we gather data, so the monthly charges won’t start for 1-3 months after you start.

As with all of our programs, everything done is in your account that you control even if you stop our program. And should you wish to stop you can do so at any point, with a 30 day advance notice, with no penalty.


We target products, services, locations and specific keywords that relay your business offerings to searchers online


We consistently optimize your account to make sure that your getting the best ROI and highest number of desired conversions


We monitor Google's consistently changing ecosystem to guarantee your program remains current with their best practices


We provide monthly emailed reports highlighting benchmarks you decide you want to track with phone consultation if needed

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Website Design Services from GM Simmons Company

Can I use my current website?

You can use your current website, however we often find that websites are not set up the way they need to be to get the best results from this program. In that case, we may recommend updating your site or adding several landing pages into your hosting account which we can use to run ads to. Google does not penalize you for having specific landing pages for specific products or services

What things will I need to get started?

We will need:

  • A central Google (GMail) account for all of your Google related services
  • Google Analytics setup on your site with administrator access
  • Your Google My Business listing claimed by you and giving us administrator access
  • A Google Ads account giving us access through our Master Control Panel and billing info for Google to bill for clicks or views at a pre-determined budget amount (separate from our fees)
  • A YouTube Channel for your business
  • Links to all of your Social Media Accounts

All of these we will be happy to help you setup as part of our setup. You remain in complete control of all and can add or delete anyone from access at anytime for any reason.

Am I obligated to the program for a long period of time?

No, you can stop at anytime with a 30 day advanced notice. If you do stop, there is no penalty from Google as everything remains in your accounts. However, if you stop with us and then want to re-start sometime down the line, we may have to charge an additional setup charge depending on your account. We will discuss this with you prior to doing so.

What can I expect to spend per month for the entire program?

Typically our setup charge is around $1500 which includes 3 months of monitoring results while gathering data to use for ongoing optimization efforts. Our monthly charges are anywhere between $250 and $500 depending on the services we agree upon prior to starting. You set your ad budget and costs associated with clicks or views, typically our clients spend anywhere from $350 to $750 per month for Google Ads.

Want more information on our Advanced Google Program or any other of our web development services? Fill out the form below with your information and we’ll get in touch with you. Or you can call us at (904) 469-7785
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