Web Video Production & Marketing Program
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Web Video Production & Marketing Program

Vimeo expert

This certification helps me in producing the right type of video for clients as well as knowing the right platforms to upload it to for the maximum reach and return on investment.

We specialize in producing video content for your online marketing efforts


Do you have a product that needs to have a story told about? How about a real need for an online marketing strategy that is both effective and economical. Then online video may be just the thing your searching for.

We start out by creating a brand with your videos, both on your channel and wherever they are placed. By creating an animated entrance with your logo using you colors, creating a custom designed YouTube channel and custom designed video thumbnails that remain consistent. Click on the image below to view different types of animation of the same demo logo on our Vimeo Channel.


We match the type(s) of video content we create to your needs and budget and what your target market is looking for.

Take a look at the example types below:

Weekly/Monthly Specials Videos

If you are a business that has products that you highlight on a weekly or monthly basis, then this is one of the very best ways to engage your customers. We take your specials and produce a professional video presentation highlighting the product and price, with high quality stock and shot footage, photos, graphics, royalty free music and a short intro/outgo.

We have several very affordable and effective options to choose from:

  • Weekly for those who run specials on a weekly basis
  • Monthly if you only have one set of specials per month
  • Video Only for those people who just want to use the video on their social media platforms and website
  • Video with a newsletter for those who want to build a long term customer list of people who continually come back to do business with your store
  • Video, newsletter and Digital Media Board covering all the bases, online and offline, we include a media player that we remotely change special content as we produce new content weekly or monthly

Whatever way works best for your particular needs and budget, our program is designed to engage your audience with the most engaging type of content, video. And as with all of our programs, there is no long-term obligation. This is a subscription based program that you can stop anytime with only a 30 day notice.

View an example video below, and then contact us for more information on how we can build a customized video program for your business!

View a live example weekly specials video in a pop up window by clicking the image below:

Client Supplied Video Footage Editing

We can take your video footage, whether shot on a smartphone camera or an expensive camcorder, and edit it to make it more professional. We will

  • Edit the sound quality as much as possible
  • Edit the color to make it more visually appealing
  • Add professional graphics like lower thirds and titles
  • Add a short intro with royalty free music music
  • Add an outgo

You can see the results below (click on each image to view the corresponding example). The video on the left is one that is the raw footage sent to us by the client. On the right is the same video, edited.
Contact us today at (904)236-4313 for more information on how we can make your video content more appealing and professional.

Google My Business Videos

These 30 second (the max Google allows for this type of video) videos present a broad perspective overview of your business or service. Typically we utilize stock footage, images, graphics and music to get a more effective result. We also can utilize client supplied footage and images, as well as media we produce if available (see example). Click on each image to view an example in a pop up window.

Butcher Shop

Animal Hospital

Childcare Facility

Auto Repair

Example with Customer supplied footage

Example with Voice Over

Example with Specials

General Online Marketing Videos

These videos are a little more in depth than our GMB videos above, typically the length of these are from 1 to 3 minutes. They usually include full keyword research with competitive analysis to target the right keyword(s), a voice over script with full commercial rights, music, graphics and a logo intro/outgo. Click on each image below to view an example in a pop up window.

New Mover Marketing

Produce Stand

Child Care

Product or Service Promo Videos

Promo videos generally have full production quality with stock and shot B-Roll footage, graphics, royalty free music and a full broadcast rights voiceover. The main desired outcome of these videos is to promote your product or service online in relation to what your target audience is looking for. We are experts in putting our heads into this and coming up with the necessary assets on the video to make it a success.

Included is our guaranteed satisfaction revision policy which means we’ll make changes to the finished product to the point of your total satisfaction. Promo videos usually are 2 to 3 minutes in length. Watch examples by clicking on any of the images below.

Freight Company

Book Promo

Product Showcase Videos for Amazon, eBay, Website E-Commerce, etc.

If you sell a product or products on Amazon, eBay or any other E-Commerce platform, then you know that the competition is stiff for sales. So using every available tool to help your listing stand out is productive and effective.

Our Amazon Product Video service achieves maximum exposure at a minimum one time cost. We utilize a white background to set off your product and also to match Amazon’s photo background requirements. If the product is small enough we use a turntable effect which gives a 360 degree view of the product. This is particularly useful when selling food items as labels and ingredients can be read at any point of the rotation.

We also utilize up to date editing techniques, graphics, an intro and exit with your logo, color matching for your companies colors and royalty fee music.

The price for this service ranges from around $100 to around $300-depending on the style and length, with discounted prices for multiple videos done at one time. You can mix and match styles or keep them all the same for cohesiveness.

Click on any of the images below to view an example of different types of graphics and productions. Then feel free to contact us for more information or to set up a shoot.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Videos can be used with or without a website. Either way, as part of our service, we create and optimize your own YouTube Channel that you have total control over and where your videos will play from online.