Inside Digital Signage Boards
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Inside Digital Signage Boards

Our Engaging Digital Signage Boards are specifically designed for certain types of businesses and to draw customers eyes to view products and services offered. You can use them to promote special deals, make customers aware of new services, offer valuable information and tips. In fact since you own the board, the uses are limited only by your imagination. Our media player connects to any HD TV with a HDMI port and runs the system in your location.

And like all of our boards, they are designed to be hands free–in other words we do all the heavy lifting for you. No content to create, no software to learn, no worries about interrupted service. Everything is taken care of via your internet connection (either Wi-Fi or hard wired). And all for one low monthly subscription payment with NO long term commitment required.

Board examples are below, feel free to watch any of them, use the pull down menu to find the one that best matches your business type. Consider how the board would look with YOUR colors, YOUR logo and YOUR product information and video/images. Everything is customized to fit your specific operation and needs. Feel free to contact us for more information and a FREE example mock up of a board featuring your logo and colors!

Interactive Banner Ad’s for our signage boards

Especially designed to fit into the ad space on our digital signage boards, these ads feature video and motion graphics, a QR code that can be scanned with any phone camera to take someone to any online asset (like a webpage, video, coupon, etc.), and a message that can be changed as needed. We even can change the message as the ad is running, for split testing effectiveness.

These ads are perfect for small local businesses and are priced out at around .03 per play, based on a 6 day, 8 hour schedule. That equates to around $50 to $100 per ad/per board/per month.

Example of Board running ads