Subscription based Marketing programs
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Subscription based Marketing programs

Subscription based Marketing programs

Today’s “new normal” business climate makes it increasingly important to implement affordable and effective marketing programs. In the past, to have these for your business you had to come up with a large amount of investment capital, which essentially put them out of reach for most small businesses.

Face it, Covid-19 changed the game for both businesses and for business service providers. It became increasingly clear to me that a new model for marketing was needed so that every business could afford the services and thrive with effective results.

That is why I’m pleased to move all of my service packages to a straight subscription based model. With this there is no long term obligation on your part, no large upfront payment and no penalty to cancel anytime with a 30 day advance notice.

I take the risk

Yes, implementing a subscription based model is taking a HUGE risk on my part. Mainly because of the way I do business. You see everything I do is in your own account that you control. Since you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty, when you do everything I’ve done up to that point remains with you.

I realize I will probably lose some revenue with this type of payment setup. However, I feel a strong obligation to provide smaller, independent business owners the same high quality marketing many large companies get, at an affordable rate. So for that reason, I will take the gamble. Besides, I need to prove my worth on an ongoing basis and plan to. With that it is my hope that you stay with me for years to come and we grow your business together

No large upfront payment

The only thing that is required to start is your first and last month subscription payment. After that, it’s month to month with a 30 day advance notice to leave our program–AND THERE IS NO PENALTY IN DOING SO. EVER.

Customized Programs

Not every customer is a fit for everything I do, for that reason I will customize each program to best fit your needs, your target audience and your budget. Never a cookie cutter approach!

Get started with a No Obligation Zoom Meet

We can get started and I can give you a quote after a remote Zoom meeting. Schedule one today!

Mike Simmons

Michael Simmons started doing web development work for his own spice company back in the mid-'90's. He has extensive experience in online ad development, website design and business optimization.