Web Site Design
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Web Site Design

We do much more than just build you an effective website

You may have seen it happen or worse, had it happen to you. You spend thousands of dollars on a website, only to learn you don’t really own it after all. Your webmaster is simply “leasing” it to you, as long as you pay their fees, your good. Stop, your not.

So your stuck or held hostage, It’s frustrating to say the least.


Your business deserves better. To be treated fairly, honestly and with complete integrity.


At GM Simmons Co., you always have 100% control of your website. You never have to worry about losing one of your most important business assets, because your webmaster disappears. Or you decide to part ways.


We build websites for clients the same way we do all of our services. 100% in our clients own accounts. Accounts they control and we only have access to.


It’s up to us to earn your business every month. If you stop, everything we have done up to that point remains with you.


And we build great websites using either WordPress or HTML. Both of which can easily be managed by any of thousands of other qualified webmasters.


Of course we want to build a long term business relationship, but we never hold you hostage in case we don’t.

View examples of our recent website designs below

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Website Design Services from GM Simmons Company

You refer to "owning your website", what exactly do you mean by that?

Sure. A lot of times you’ll see ads and online sites that will push “free” websites. All you have to do is pay a small monthly fee and the company will design and host your website.

Not a bad concept. In reality, it is. Because NOTHING is really “free”.

While it’s true you get a site with no upfront costs, you actually never really own the site. As long as you pay the service fees, your site will remain online. When you stop paying their fees, you lose the site.

With our sites, you completely own everything. Hosting, domains are all in your own account. You never have to worry about losing the site because you don’t pay a monthly maintenance fee.

Ask you current website provider to clarify your ownership rights of the site. You may be surprised at what they tell you.

If I don't have a separate hosting account, can you just host my site for me?

Yes we can. Some of our clients don’t want to hassle with hosting and domain renewals and would rather have us handle everything for them. One advantage is we can keep up with all renewals and you don’t have to worry about missing a hosting or domain payment.

Our hosting and domain service is just $140 per year (for a single domain and hosting), and $20 additional for any additional domain.

Should you ever leave us (we hope you never do) we will transfer all ownership with no questions asked to any account you wish.

Can you make changes to the site or update it in the future?

Absolutely, since I use WordPress for most of the websites I create for clients, changes can be made fairly quickly. Some changes you can do fairly easily, which will save you money. However some may require more advanced techniques…and for those we suggest letting us do them for you for a nominal charge.

Will my site be backed up in case of any problems?

All of our sites are completely backed up automatically with all files and assets stored on our cloud storage. This back up usually takes place every month, but could be more often if the need is there.

If there is ever a problem with your site, it can be restored with one click ease to the state it was at the last backup.

Want more information on our Website Design or any other of our web development services? Fill out the form below with your information and we’ll get in touch with you. Or you can call us at (904) 469-7785