It’s all about getting seen by your customers when they search locally for your products or services.

Putting your local business in front of prospective customers is the ONLY way to grow in today’s online, mobile society.

It used to be you were the HUNTER–your prospects were the HUNTED. Not any more.

Today it’s the exact opposite.

Your PROSPECTS hunt for your business, your products, your services. They expect to find what they are looking for. Scratch that itch they have and they visit or call you and pull out their wallets. Don’t and they continue looking until the find someone (i.e. your competition) who will.

Today’s sophisticated consumer tailors their buying habits to research first, purchase second.

And according to a recent study, 81% of people do ONLINE research BEFORE they buy. When it comes to local businesses, like restaurants, shops and even professional services the place most people go to find the answers is Google.

In the modern day lottery of marketing, Google is the winning ticket when it comes to putting your business in front of prospective customers.

And when it comes to Local Business, Google Maps is the best, least expensive means to do so.

Getting a listing on Google Maps is Free....but just getting a listing is only a small part of unlocking it's potential

View our optimized listing in Google Maps by clicking the image above

Sure, a Google Map (aka “Google My Business”) listing is a free service from Google, but over half of businesses contacted by a Local Search Association (LSA) study had not even claimed their listing.

This leads to an important point: In order to take advantage of a listing, that listing needs to have ALL of the important information AND be optimized correctly.

Failing here will mean your business will never be found when searchers search online, because while over half of businesses are not properly optimized, over 40% of the businesses ARE correctly utilizing map listings.

So why don’t ALL businesses take advantage of the free listing Google gives them?

Simply stated, most business owners either never get around to it, or don’t have the necessary resources to do so.

Using GM Simmons to optimize your Google Maps Listing guarantees you that ALL of the necessary information and content needed is included

All of our Packages Include the Following:

Making sure your location is correctly entered

Verifying your business info is complete

Upload up to 10  Photos

Link out to your Company Website

10 Inbound Citations 

Verifying listing with Google  

Our Basic Element Package Costs only $195.00!

No monthly or recurring costs...just this low, one time payment

You get all of the items above, Click the Button to get started Today!

Want More? Take a look at our more advanced packages for the Companies that want to take their listing to the next level

Because the packages below require some on site work, they are only offered in the following areas at this time: Jacksonville, FL , Orlando, FL , Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC.


Includes all of our Basic Elements PLUS:
$650 One Time
  • One 360 degree Photo Tour of the inside of your business similar to this one at our office
  • Additional 10 Citations to your listing


Includes all of our Intermediate Elements PLUS:
$1950 One Time*
  • Google Maps Local Search Ads Account Setup (Adwords) *
  • All Keyword Research, Ad Copy, Bids & Targeting
  • One Landing Page w/hosting and domain for 1 year ($59/yr afterward)
  • Google Analytics Account setup

‘* Any charges from Google for AdWords clicks to your website are not included in the above prices. You can set the budget on how much you are willing to spend per click or per month, as well as turn on or off the ad campaigns at any time.