GM Simmons Co | Robert Peters Attorney, AdWords Campaign & Landing Pages
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Robert Peters Attorney, AdWords Campaign & Landing Pages

Lead Generation, Web Site Design
About This Project

Success with Online Advertising programs, especially Pay Per Click (PPC) ones such as Google Adwords, depends on three elements: the keyword, the ad and the landing page. Most get the first two fairly regularly. But getting a person to click on the ad, and not taking any action, is like burning money in the furnace. If your landing page does not convey the message that a target audience is looking for, then the number of people that will take any action goes down dramatically.
With our lead generation program, we design specifically created landing pages for each of your campaigns. We NEVER send someone to your home page, and we put measurable conversion metrics in place, to always emphasize what is working over what isn’t.

Since this is a live advertising account and clicks are counted as one of the conversion metrics, there is no click through to view the page.